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Metals & Mining

We list below our current hot deals in the area of metals and mining; we aim to update these hot deals as often as possible but we encourage you to write or call us for confirmation of the soft quotes  and conditions that are indicated in the following hot deals. All offers are subject to price changes  without prior notice and seller’s confirmation.

HMS1&2 AND USED RAILS from Europe at most competitive prices, non-NHI, AQSIQ-certified source, origin: Spain, Norway and France, at seller's option.  Minimum order is 30K MT X 12 contract and maximum is 90K MT X 12.
For indicative purposes, our current soft quotes for MOQ of 30K MT/month X 12 contracts are as follows:
-HMS 1&2 (80/20 ISRI 200-206)at $260/MT,CIF
-Used Rails (ISRI R50-R65), at $270/MT, CIF;  cut to 1.5 meters.
Payment by non-transferable RDLC. LOI must be presented as per our form

IRON ORE: Fe  63.5%- 64.5%, 150K to 1 million MT/ month X 12, CIF, non-transferable RDLC

- from Mexico : $54, CIF

GOLD BULLION and DUST AND ROUGH DIAMONDS, at competitive prices; let us know your specific needs and procedures  to get our sellers' soft offers. SKR, Swiss procedures, bullion officer to bullion officer procedures possible.

Ask for our current offers 

  in bulk,  at $89/MT, CIF for minimum of 12.5K MT X 12, payment by transferable RDLC.
LOI and BCL required to get seller's offer.
COPPER CATHODES, LME, grade A, Cu 99.99, origin CIS
price: LME minus 15%.

SQUARE STEEL BILLETS: 3SP/5SP size 150 X 150 x 12000 mm
$230/MT, FOB China

GCV 5800-5600 at $88/MT, FOB
GCV 6300-6100 at 98/MT, FOB